2014 UBC Board of Directors

Meghan Reed, MS, RD, CD, IBCLC

President Elect
Jessica Bartlett

Angelina Love

Christina Perry

Committee Chairs

Membership and Nominating

Jillian Porto, RD, IBCLC

Marketing & Promotion
Jessica Bartlett, RN, IBCLC

Legislative & Policy
Elizabeth Smith, MPH, IBCLC
Judy Harris, MPH, RD, IBCLC
Patrice Isabella, RD

Breastfeeding Cafe Chair

Work-site Lactation Support Task Force Coordinator
Gina Toledo
Edna Pitore

Milk Bank Task Force
Christy Porucznik, LLL
Karin Hardman, LLL, CSI, IBCLC

AAP Chapter Representative
Jerry King, MD

La Leche League (Community Support Groups)

Newsletter Editor
Elizabeth Smith, MPH, IBCLC

Website Committe
Ronnie Peltier Jr.

Past Boards of Directors

2013: Meghan Reed, (President), Jessica Bartlett (President-Elect), Angelina Love (Secretary), Christina Perry (Treasurer)

2012: Karin Hardman (President), Meghan Reed (President-Elect), Kimberly Clark (Secretary), Christina Perry (Treasurer)

2011: Karin Hardman (President), Cara Munson (Secretary), Kathy Pope (Treasurer)

2010: Marlee DiCristofano/Karin Hardman (President), Karin Hardman (President-Elect), Cara Munson (Secretary), Heather Hendriksen (Treasurer)

2009: Elizabeth Smith (President), Marlee DeCristofano (President-Elect), Melissa Knighton (Secretary), Heather Hendriksen (Treasurer)

2008: Patrice Isabella (President), Elizabeth Smith (President-Elect), Melissa Knighton (Secretary), Marie Nagata (Treasurer)

2007: Lisa Harper (President), Patrice Isabella (President-Elect), Phyllis Crowley (Secretary), Marie Nagata (Treasurer)

2006: Kelly Davis Garrett (President), Lisa Harper (President-Elect), Phyllis Crowley (Recording Secretary), Alissa Weller (Corresponding Secretary), Marie Nagata (Treasurer)

2005: Judy Harris (President)