Fathers and Family

Infants need a father’s touch and care just as much as the mother’s. Mothers need support and comfort from fathers as well! Fathers can begin by helping the mother through her pregnancy: show you care by asking how she is feeling, by being excited about the upcoming birth, by providing food that will benefit both mom and baby. Attending a birthing class can also be a great help to fathers and help them understand what it will be like during delivery.

After the baby is born, encouraging the mother to breastfeed can make a difference in whether she does or not. Encourage her to breastfeed - it is the best nutrition for your baby.

Take time to bond with your baby. After the first 3-4 weeks, the mother can pump her milk and the father can feed the baby as well. Giving a bath, cuddling, holding skin to skin, reading stories, and just loving and playing with your baby are all ways you can grow closer to him. Spend time with mom as well, perhaps while she is nursing. Mom needs your attention too!

A new baby changes the lives of all those in the home, including other children. Let your other children look and softly touch your newborn. They can draw pictures, tell stories, and play around their new sibling.

Read “What Can Dad Do?” (3.4 Mb PDF) [ Spanish - (6.4 Mb PDF)] for more information about how fathers and family can support breastfeeding.

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