Breastfeeding Environments

Breastfeeding can and should be done at the workplace and at school, not only to provide the best nutrition possible for the baby, but also to maintain the closeness between a mother and her baby.

Some workplaces have day care centers on site where the baby can be breastfed during breaks. Others have lounges available which provide a comfortable atmosphere for pumping and storing breast milk.

Other features that can be added to breastfeeding rooms are picture frames, books and baby weight scales.


The following articles provide tips for employers on how to better support breastfeeding:

Eight Easy Steps for Supporting Your Breastfeeding Employees (Spanish)
Breastfeeding Support Policy (Spanish)
Breastfeeding and Child Care
Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers as They Return to Work
Utah Department of Health Breast Feeding Released Time Guidelines (Word)
State Legislation that Protects, Promotes, and Supports Breastfeeding
Potential Health Care Savings Associated with Breastfeeding
Workplace Breastfeeding Support

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These articles provide tips for breastfeeding mothers on how best to transition from breastfeeding at home to either breastfeeding or pumping at work or school:

Breastfeeding…Baby’s Best Start(Spanish version)
Your Breastfed Infant in the Childcare Setting(Spanish version)
Breastpumps and Milk Supply(Spanish version)
Breastfeeding: Returning to Work or School?
Returning to Work(Spanish version)
Taking Care of Yourself and Your Baby While Breastfeeding

A copy of the Utah state legislation on breastfeeding is also included, along with ready-to-print signs and handouts that can be hung on doors and fridges or given to new employees at orientation. Other resources, such as support groups or links to other websites, are available as well.