Workplace Lactation Support

The Utah Breastfeeding Coalition provides expert and free collaboration services with excellent materials from the Business Case for Breastfeeding. They describe the steps for creating a breastfeeding friendly worksite. More information on the Business Case is at

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health (OWH) is creating an online searchable resource to showcase creative solutions for supporting employees who are nursing their babies. The resource will be available in Fall 2012. To help populate the web-based resource, OWH is currently gathering success stories from businesses of all industry types over the next few weeks. They hope to identify workplaces willing to share their solutions for both the time and space requirements of the Federal nursing breaks law (which amends Section 7 of the Fair Labor Standards Act), and have created an online submission site at to make it easy. On this site, employers willing to share their ideas can enter their contact information and answer a few questions about their support services. A member of the project team may follow up to learn more. All information will be kept strictly confidential and no identifying information will be made public without permission from the employer.
For more information about the project, contact:

Altarum Institute
Doris McGuire
States West of the Mississippi River

Breastfeeding Legislation in Utah

HJR 4 2012 Joint Resolution on Breastfeeding

Special thanks to all the UBC members and supporters who worked together for the development and passage of this resolution.

Work and School

Are you a breastfeeding mom and returning to work and school?   By continuing to breastfeed, your baby will have less sick days and help you be more productive.  Many employers and schools will provide a place for you to pump your milk for your baby. UBC can help if they need information about how to set up a pumping room (contact or call 1-877-632-7975).

The Business Case for Breastfeeding is available on the Web or you can view the Power Point presentation of The Business Case for Breastfeeding by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Learn more about Breastfeeding Environments and what Healthcare Professionals can do.

Visit the CDC's page on Worksite Lactation Support.

For more information on breastfeeding support in the workplace, visit

Lactation Room

This beautiful lactation room at CRSA Architecture was funded in part by the Worksite Lactation Program.

Contact Us

If you would like the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition to contact you regarding the establishment of a Worksite Lactation Program, please fill out the form below.

The Coalition would also like to recognize those progressive businesses who already support their employees who are breastfeeding and returning to work. Please enter your information so that we may follow-up with you.


Special Recognition

The Utah Breastfeeding Coalition’s Workplace Lactation Taskforce is pleased to recognize several noteworthy Utah Businesses and public gathering places for their commitment to health and wellness, which includes breastfeeding support!

On October 9, 2008 the Coalition partnered with the Utah Council for Worksite Health Promotion. At the annual conference and awards luncheon, Elizabeth Smith, Coalition President-Elect, and Patrice Isabella, Coalition President,  presented framed posters and awards to:

Roy Prasad, Director of Human Resources of ARUP laboratories.  “ARUP’s lactation program is just one of the employee benefits geared toward supporting employee’s families. ARUP recognizes lactation support as an important employee benefit”.

Melisa Torres, Human Resources Recruiter, USANA. Melisa saw a need and helped to create a lovely new space as a mothers room, providing a pump and storage area.

Stormy Simon, Senior Vice President, and Rachel Johnson, Marketing at provides 2 rooms for pumping and have flex work schedules for new parents. They offer flexibility in the workplace supporting working mothers. Pictured below:'s award.

Darlene Pulver, Downtown Public Library, was recognized for the library’s promotion of breastfeeding and health in a public place, by providing  the Share Space to hold the Breastfeeding Café for the past 3 years during the month of August.

LaDonne Liveday, BD Medical Manager, Health Services was recognized for her ongoing lactation support and eagerness to enhance their lactation program for over 750 employees.

We will continue to recognize community members and leaders who promote, support and protect breastfeeding, the foundation of future good health!