Goals of the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition

  1. Encourage parents and families to initiate exclusive & continuous breastfeeding
  2. Increase public understanding that breastfeeding is the normal course for nourishing children & that efforts to undermine breastfeeding are serious threats to the health of infants, children, parents and families
  3. Contribute to a supportive & accepting social environment with respect to breastfeeding
  4. Promote & support model policies & practices in communities, hospitals, businesses, health care systems, worksites, & child care facilities
  5. Encourage active support for breastfeeding among key community leaders

Benefits of joining UBC

  • Monthly engagement with other action-oriented breastfeeding advocates
  • Discounted rates to UBC sponsored events
  • Quarterly newsletter filled with local and national breastfeeding success
  • Discounted education credits for IBCLCs, HR managers, and health educators

Membership Tiers

* Individual (1 year)
$ 20
* Individual (3 years)
$ 60
* Student (1 year)
$ 10
* Organization (1 year)
$ 100